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LGBTQ Education Scholarship Application



The Nashville Black Pride Scholarship was created to advance educational and professional opportunities within the African American Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) Community in Nashville. This financial compensation will provide scholarships that will allow the participants to pursue and achieve their educational, career and personal goals.


Candidates aged 18- and older, must submit a photograph, a completed application, two letters of recommendations, and a one-page double spaced, typed essay: Your personal perspective on the importance of education in the African American LGBTQ/Same Gender loving community. Your essay should be double spaced and submitted by email to:


The Nashville Black Pride Scholarship will come with some responsibilities in the community, speaking out as an activist for young LGBTQ and encouraging setting of goals and accomplishing dreams.


Entries will automatically be emailed to Entries must be received by 9 pm October 1st to be eligible for consideration. The students that are selected will be presented a Big Check during our opening reception event on Friday, October 7 and receive the award that evening.

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